Site of Tritium Sign Manufacturer of Concern to Health Officials

Health officials near a town in Ontario, Canada, are protesting attempts by the manufacturer of tritium signs to  have its nuclear substance processing license renewed for 10 years. Here are three news stories about the situation involving the plant that, in February 2010, was the site of an accidental release of tritium gas. Click on each link to view the text or video.


Green groups raise Peterborough radiation fears
Toronto Sun
By Jessica Murphy

Parliamentary Bureau Environmental groups say an Ontario company that uses tritium in its products is being cavalier with the radioactive material–and Canada’s nuclear watchdog isn’t doing enough to crack down on the operation.


Nuke regulations too lax on companies like Shield Source: Critic
Peterborough Examiner
The company uses tritium, an isotope of hydrogen gas, in the manufacture of its self-illuminating signs. “Those regulations are laughable. They are ridiculous. They are a licence to pollute. These limits are completely ridiculous.” Tritium is a nuclear . . .


Local News – CHEX Television > Tritium Concerns in Peterborough
Tritium Concerns in Peterborough. April 11, 2012. A local lobby group continues to take aim at . . .