Radioactive Tritium Leaking from Two Million Exit Signs at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant, According to Forbes Magazine Article

An article in Forbes Magazine reports on recent problems regarding the release of radioactive tritium into the environment. Photoluminescent EXIT signs are an environmentally-responsible alternative to tritium EXIT signs.

The article, “Radioactive Tritium Leaks from Nuke Plant, also Two Million Exit Signs,” addresses the environmental issues posed by the alleged leakage of tritium from the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant into the nearby Connecticut River. The article mentions that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is concerned by the health risks posed by “millions and millions of tritium EXIT signs installed in movie theaters and parking garages across the country.”

Photoluminescent (PL) emergency EXIT signs are a safe, environmentally-responsible, alternative to tritium EXIT signs.

Photoluminescent Technology, Leading Occupants To Safety–Read this Important Article on PL Technology

Today’s Facility Manager magazine has published an article on photoluminescent technology. As the article explains, technology improvements to photoluminescent exit sign options have made this one item on the safety checklist that a facility manager doesn?t have to worry about in an emergency.

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Canada’s National Research Council Publishes Landmark Study on Photoluminescent Evacuation Systems

Canada’s National Research Council Publishes Landmark Study on Photoluminescent Evacuation Systems

Guylène Proulx, senior researcher with the National Research Council in Canada has published her final report on photoluminescent evacuation systems.

According to the executive summary, “This study’s findings show the interesting potential of photoluminescent markings to assist occupant evacuation. Such markings, properly installed, can address certain deficiencies in the traditional approach of emergency lighting associated with power failure or smoke obscuration of high-mounted lighting. In order to obtain the expected outcome though, it is essential to properly install photoluminescent wayguidance components.

“Photoluminescent wayfinding systems appear as a cost-effective addition to, or even a potential replacement for, traditional emergency lighting. Advantages are: no additional consumption of energy, no additional wiring, minimal maintenance, and complete reliability when installed appropriately. Occupant behavior, speed of movement, and subjective appraisal of the material are all in concordance to indicate that photoluminescent markings would be a worthwhile addition improving occupant fire and emergency evacuation safety in office buildings.”

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