Jones County, NC, has approved a plan to change all exit signs to UL 924-compliant photoluminescent signs. The contract for sign installation has been awarded to PSA member AfterGlow, LLC.

Media in Jones County have reported on the new signs. Click here to see a report from a local news program.

Photoluminescent EXIT signs are used when required by building and fire safety codes such as the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, the Building Construction and Safety Code, NFPA 5000, and the International Building Code (IBC) sponsored by the International Code Council. The IBC requires testing and certification in accordance with UL 924 for fire signs for each emergency exit.

UL 924 applies to fire EXIT signs of all types including photoluminescent fire signs used as emergency exit signs. According to the US Department of Energy, photoluminescent EXIT signs are the most energy efficient EXIT signs available. In locations with proper charging sources, photoluminescent EXIT signs can have an unlimited service life. They reduce green house gas effects because no electricity is needed, do not use radioactive materials, or require bulb replacement or monthly/annual testing or maintenance. Properly selected and installed, they last for years and work even if damaged.

Frankie Howard, Jones County Manager, said, “Jones County is excited about being the first county in the US to embrace this new technology countywide. We were fortunate to receive Federal stimulus funds to begin implementing energy saving improvements to all county and school buildings in Jones County. These improvements will be made to nearly 30 buildings across the county. As part of our Strategic Energy Plan for Jones County we plan to continue these energy improvements for existing and any new county facilities.”