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For background information on the PL industry click here to download an industry backgrounder.

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Who Requires Exit Path Markings?
The ICC (IBC/IFC) and many jurisdictions now require exit path markings. For a list of such codes, Jurisdictions that Require Exit Path Marking.

PL Speakers Bureau

If your organization needs a speaker at your next company meeting, regional seminar or annual conference to discuss photoluminescent products, call the PSA. Our members can discuss a variety of topics involving photoluminescence, including the value of PL products and their applications on land, sea, and air, as well as building and other codes that reference PL products. Send us an email with a description of the topic you would like addressed, the length of the presentation, details about the event, and your contact information by clicking here.

News Releases

PSA Release 11-2, Backgrounder: Why Local Building Codes Authorities Should Adopt the Leading National and Federal Fire Safety and Building Codes

PSA Release 11-1, Rewrite of Washington, DC, Building Code Offers Unique Opportunity to Improve Life Safety in Buildings—No Matter what the Building Height

07-3, Photoluminescent Safety Association President Issues Statement on Proposed International Building Code on Exit Pathway Markings

07-2, Dr. Guylène Proulx to Be Keynote Speaker at PSA’s First Annual Conference