Success Story: Chroma

Chroma Uses PL Materials to Enhance Bentzer Line of Switch Plate Rings, Door Knob Marker Rings, and Pathway Markings

When Bentzer Inc. was looking for a supplier to provide light stable photoluminescent thermoplastic material for their new line of life safety products they choose Chroma Corporation.


The material supplier developed a light stable photoluminescent compound for Bentzer?s line of life safety products, which include light switch plate rings, doorknob marker rings, and pathway markings making these items clearly visible in complete darkness.

This new product offering is truly unique. The old glow materials, based on zinc sulfide would not glow after 100 hours of exposure to outdoor light. Chroma?s new Photoluminescent products, based on Strontium Aluminate are designed for use both indoors and outdoors. Some products have been measured to glow for over 32+ hours!

Potential applications include: Rotational molded marine navigation buoys, Injection molded EXIT signs, profile extruded strips for Exit isle delimitations, buttons on electronic devices, Dashboards, cup holders, seat belt release buttons, outdoor pursuits gear, etc.

Imagine a product that recharges itself, requires no maintenance, can not be accidentally turned off, and uses no light bulbs, batteries, or wiring! It is now a reality and available from Bentzer Inc.

To see a brief video on these products, click here.