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Q. May I apply the handrail marking in my emergency staircases on the wall behind the handrail?

A. No. The IBC and IFC requirements indicate that all handrails shall be marked on the top surface of the handrail for its entire length with a solid and continuous stripe of minimum one-inch width.

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The Photoluminescent Safety Association (PSA) is a trade association dedicated to generating broad-based acceptance of safety-grade photoluminescent products.

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Who Should Join the PSA?

If you:

  • manufacture, sell, or market safety-grade photoluminescent products;
  • write, implement or participate in the writing of building, personal, vehicular and other safety codes and standards;
  • are responsible for getting people out of buildings, tunnels, trains, buses, airplanes, ships, oil rigs and other structures safely in an emergency; or,
  • are a first-responder or fire safety official,

Then you belong in this association.