PL Safety Signs Are Prominent in European Airports, Train Stations

Traveling to Europe soon? Look around while at airports and in train stations and you’ll probably notice photoluminescent safety signs, such as the internationally preferred Man Running/Arrow symbols, fire extinguisher signage and more. PL products have been adopted because the symbol signage is easy to understand by everybody and inexpensive to install—and because the markings provide easy-to-see emergency directions. PL signs are also gaining acceptance in the US, especially in rail cars where they are now mandatory.

UL1994 Standard 4th Edition Published

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. recently published the 4th edition of UL1994 , Standard for Luminous Egress Path Marking Systems, dated May 29, 2015. This New Edition of ANSI/UL 1994 includes a revision to the Color Temperature Range for LED Activation Source in paragraph 33.2.3. The standard is available for purchase here:

Photoluminescent Emergency Signage Is Required on Passenger Rail Equipment

Photoluminescent Emergency Signage is a requirement in Passenger Rail Equipment, per APTA (American Public Transportation Association) requirement APTA SS-PS-002-98, Rev. 3, Standard for Emergency Signage for Egress/Access of Passenger Rail Equipment, published by the APTA. The photoluminescent signage becomes visible, when a rail car loses power and its interior is plunged into darkness.

Factory Fire Traps Occupants above the Ground Floor

A May 14 fire in a footwear factory in a Manila suburb in the Philippines killed 72 people, authorities said.  The fire generated huge clouds of thick black smoke and spread quickly.  Many of the dead bodies were recovered from the second floor of the factory building, authorities said, suggesting those building occupants had become trapped there.

ASTM Updated One P/L Standard

The latest edition of E2072 standard is now available online. The previous 2010 edition was replaced with the 2014 edition, ASTM E2072-14 Standard Specification for Photoluminescent (Phosphorescent) Safety Markings, available for purchase here:  If you are interested in becoming a member in ASTM E12.13, sign up at  If you have questions about the three photoluminescence-related standards, you may contact the ASTM Subcommittee E12.13  Chairperson Marina Batzke ( or ASTM Staff Manager Thomas O’Toole

2015 Annual Meeting Scheduled

The Photoluminescent Safety Association will hold its tenth annual conference by webinar on September 24 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Documents presented during the event are available on the Members Only page of this website.

Participants in this event discuss the future of the photoluminescent industry, including the status of proposed codes and standards changes considered or recently approved by such bodies as the International Code Council, Underwriters Laboratories, and ASTM International, and by local and state governments.

During the annual conference the PSA also held its annual business meeting. The meeting agenda included elections to fill board vacancies and board officers. The members consider other issues affecting the association’s strategic direction.

Deadly Blaze in a New York City High-rise Building

A 27-year old resident was killed when smoke filled his residential building at 500 West 43rd St., Manhattan on January 5, 2014.  Even though photoluminescent egress path markings are a requirement for NYC high-rise office buildings, no such requirement exists for NYC residential high-rises.  Read more about this incident at

PSA Elects New Directors, Treasurer

Al Carlson of Jessup Manufacturing Company and Paul Holmes of AddLight have been reelected to a second three-year term on the Photoluminescent Safety Association’s Board of Directors. Charles Barlow of EverGlow NA, Inc., was elected to fill the remaining year remaining in the term of a director who left the board. The election by the membership was held as part of the PSA’s 2013 Annual Meeting, held in September. Subsequently the directors elected Barlow to be the association’s treasurer during its October 15 meeting. Barlow will be eligible for a complete three-year term when elections are held at the 2014 Annual Meeting.

PSA Members Participate in the UL924 Standard-Writing Process

Several Photoluminescent Safety Association (PSA) members participated in a UL924 Standards Technical Panel meeting at Underwriters Laboratories Inc, Northbrook, IL, held April 12-13, 2012. These PSA members helped update the Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment, which also includes code-compliant UL924-listed Photoluminescent EXIT signs.