PSA: Call for Nominations Is Open, Deadline Is July 20

The PSA board is now accepting nominations for vacancies for the Board of Directors. This election will occur at the 2012 Annual Meeting on September 18 at the Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suite Hotel in Chicago, IL. Three directors’ terms will expire in 2012.

If you would like to apply for one of the open positions, download the Application for Nomination Form from the Members Only website, or by clicking here. The deadline for submitting the form is July 20.

For more information on the PSA’s election process, see the Bylaws, which are on the Members Only website.




Bob McLean, CAE
Executive Director
Photoluminescent Safety Association
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Arlington, VA  22202-3617
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PSA: Renew Your Membership Now

In the past six years, the PSA has achieved considerable success in our goal of improving awareness of and use of PL products. Two major code-setting organizations (ICC, NFPA) have, since 2009, adopted changes to reflect their overwhelming support of the use of PL exit path markings and floor identification signs.

Getting the code authorities to include PL products was, of course, only the first step. Now we are working with local and state officials that are considering amendments to their building codes—an opportunity to improve life safety in commercial buildings by adopting Section 1024 of the International Building Code and Chapter 46 of the International Fire Code that require the installation of photoluminescent (PL) egress path markings and Floor Identification Signs, along with many other life safety improvements.

The challenges we’ve addressed in the last year in California and Washington State elsewhere show the importance and value of working as a group to ensure that our industry is represented in important code-setting forums. We’re able to intervene only with your continued support as a PSA member. Therefore, I’m writing to ask that you renew your membership for 2013. The board realizes that a dues increase while the economic recovery has just begun would be difficult for many members, so there will be no dues increase for a third year. You can continue your membership with dues of $2,000, which are due June 30 for the fiscal year that begins on July 1.

I believe your company should support the PSA because the association allows us to work together to foster a receptive government and public environment for photoluminescent safety products. The pooling of members’ dues allows us to fund an organization where you and other PL industry leaders can work together.

To ensure we’re working on the right projects to help all of our members, we began developing our strategic plan two years ago. That process will continue in September during our 2012 Annual Conference, which will be held September 18 at the Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suite Hotel.

Of course, your dues are only one way to help influence the direction of the industry and the future of the association. We also need your support as an active member of one of our three standing committees: Public Awareness, Codes, and Standards.

This year the renewal form is posted on the Members Only website. To download the document, go to our website (, log in, and then see the form under the heading “2012-2013 Membership Renewal.” If you also need an invoice, please notify Executive Director Bob McLean by sending an email to

Remember, your continued involvement is the single most effective way to help ensure a prosperous PL future for yourself and the industry.




Phil Befumo

Report on ICC Code Hearing for Changes to the International Building Code, Chapter 10 Means of Egress

This is a summary of the actions taken on the 2012 Proposed Changes to the ICC International Codes at the April 29-May 6 Code Development Hearings held in Dallas, TX, as it pertains to the PSA.

There were several proposals made that, if approved, could have had a negative impact on the Photoluminescent Egress Path Marking. I am pleased to report that based on the actions taken by your Board of Directors all negative proposals were disapproved. Specifically, proposal E-22 through E-28 and E-30 through E32, which in various ways sought to add Motion Sensors into the Means of Egress portion of buildings nation wide.

It is the position of the PSA that motion sensors have a useful function in commercial buildings, but should never be allowed in the Means of Egress within a building. Some of that reasoning is present here for your information future use:

  • If a motion sensors fails, do the building lights automatically come on?
  • Reliability is the issue. People can buy a cheap motion sensor off the shelf with no quality assurance. Thorough technical requirements would need to be specified.
  • Who guarantees that motion sensor is pointed in the proper direction?  Certain Motion sensors come with movable heads.  If sensor is never even pointed in the proper direction during installation … if sensor head is moved during cleaning or by vandals … if the sensor is pointed upwards/ in a wrong direction, people could walk underneath and not set off the sensor.
  • Who guarantees that sensor is properly mounted to catch motion by children / short people/ person in wheelchair?
  • Motion sensors currently do not have to meet stringent exit device requirements. There is no current listing requirement but that has to be essential for such a life-safety reliant use.
  • What happens to motion sensor when smoke is present?  How dark, how thick is the smoke?  No motion sensor testing done through various intensities of smoke.
  • At which distances do motion sensors need to get installed to guarantee gap-less coverage?

Adding Motion Sensors to the path of egress was first attempted in the 2008 building code cycle and disapproved.

One proposal of interest to members is E29, which was approved with modification. This addition to the code allows photoluminescent markings to be used in auditoriums and positions the technology favorable to that of LED lighting. When details become available in late June we will forward them to the membership. The final action hearings will be held in October in Portland, OR.

Jim Armour
Chairman Codes Committee