PSA: Washington State Update–We Need Your Help NOW

With the help of consultant, Manny Muniz, we are putting together an all-out effort into getting the State of Washington to adopt IFC 2009.  If successful, this code would require all existing high-rise buildings in that state to install PL across the entire leading edge in the stairwells.

There will be two very important hearings taking place in Washington during September that will determine our fate.  To help Manny’s efforts we need information and help from fellow PSA members to support our cause.

Please let us know if you can supply information on the following:

  1. We need to prove that installation across the entire leading edge does NOT cause a trip hazard.  Please send any evidence or letters, or any contacts willing to discuss this issue.
  1. We need to get the Building Code Council more familiar with PL products.  Does anyone have installation videos they can share?  The meetings will take place in Spokane and Seattle. Has anyone done an installation there?
  1. Does anyone have a contact in Seattle or Spokane who would speak in favor of PL? A fire official from Washington would be ideal.
  1. We are also seeking contacts nationwide who would be willing speak in favor of PL in the stairwells.  Please let us know if you have a contact or an idea of a contact that can help our efforts.

We urgently need your help.  Please reply back to Bob McLean as quickly as possible. You can send him an email at He will forward your information to the entire board.


Phil Befumo
PSA President