PSA: Your Association Participates in Washington State, Portland Code Hearings

Last month the PSA Board of Directors hired Manny Muniz to represent the association before the Washington State Building Code Council. He contacted the Fire Code TAG Committee that reviews the 2012 IFC. Manny’s participation as a knowledgeable consultant was beneficial to the TAG. In fact, the Fie Tag unanimously voted to adopt the 2012 IFC and the retrofit requirements as written. The final vote by the Washington State Building Code Council will be on Friday, November 9. We are all waiting for the outcome of that vote and will report the results the following week.

On another issue, the PSA also sent Manny to Portland and the 2015 ICC hearings. We were successful in not allowing lighting controls in the means of egress path. NEMA will try to list lighting controls to UL 924, so we must stay on top of any attempt to get this language into the codes NFPA or ICC.

Al Carlson
Photoluminescent Safety Association